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Services to Private Clients

We provide bespoke tax advice to private clients of the highest technical standard, designed to minimise taxation liabilities in a way which takes full account of practical constraints.

Qualities of our Advice

We offer taxation advice which is:-

  • Practical;
  • Exact;
  • Creative;
  • Clearly Explained;
  • Quantified.

These are simple virtues but ones which are rarer than one might expect.

Our Relationship with Clients

We pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients.  The very nature of private client taxation advice requires a client to provide his adviser with sensitive information about his circumstances. He needs, therefore, to trust us.  Our direct private clients appreciate our ability to understand their concerns, Mike Saxby, Shareholder and Managing Director of Linfield Ltd, Building and Construction Services, has said:-

‘As a private client, I greatly appreciate Simon and Sharon’s considerateness and dedication. They explain the relevant law clearly and succinctly without technical jargon so that I am aware of the issues which are relevant to my affairs. Their obvious technical competence and thoroughness is very reassuring.’

An Integrated Service

A taxation adviser must do more than just proffer good advice. Taxation laws are now so complex and are often so self-contradictory that no taxation adviser can promise that the result of his recommendations is absolutely certain. We clearly state the taxation law relevant to the matters on which we are advising, avoid technical jargon, and are careful to identify any drawbacks of our recommendations as well as their advantages. We advise on the implementation of our recommendations and on their disclosure to HMRC. We work closely with the client’s solicitor, accountant or other adviser to ensure that our advice is properly implemented.

Areas of Expertise

McKie & Co offers the highest quality of advice on taxation issues affecting the private client and in particular on:-

  • Inheritance Tax;
  • Capital Gains Tax on share and property disposals;
  • Cross border asset structuring;
  • The UK taxation of non-domiciliaries;
  • Offshore trust and company taxation;
  • Multi-jurisdictional planning for short term non-residents;
  • The application of the Statutory Residence Test;
  • The use of insurance and pension products in Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax planning;
  • All capital transactions relevant to the private client;
  • Entrepreneurs’ Relief and other major Capital Gains Tax reliefs;
  • National Heritage Property and maintenance funds;
  • Stamp Duty and Stamp Duty Land Tax;
  • Disputes with HMRC including historic tax planning cases and related issues of follower and accelerated payment notices.

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